Bud's Mountain Honey & Bee Removal

Services We Offered

"Where the clover meets the clouds"

Free estimates within 50 miles of Jasper

Serving Pickens, Cherokee, Gilmer, Gordon, Fannin, and Dawson counties with no travel charges.

Free estimate includes:

  • Locating bees
  • Course of action to remove

Work will include:

  • Exposing the colony
  • Removing bees for relocation
  • Removing wax comb with all eggs, larva, and pupa
  • Removing any stored honey
  • Exposed cavity being scraped, washed, or wiped out
  • Cavity packed with insulation and sealed back up
  • Any drywall work will have one coat of mud applied
  • Outside woodwork will be repainted, if customer provides paint

If bees return to the SAME location, bees will be removed for free