"Where the clover meets the clouds"

"Bud" Champlin     August 22, 1955  -  October 5, 2017 

Bud's Mountain Honey & Bee Removal

Bud was a Faithful Believer in Jesus Christ and shared his faith everywhere he went.  You may have heard Bud say at a bee demonstration how the creator God’s handiwork was demonstrated in the creation and workings of a bee. 

Bud was a Master Beekeeper, a member of several beekeeper organizations; educating, mentoring, presenting anywhere someone had interest in bees.  Bud sold his honey and extracted bees carefully so their lives could be preserved, but Bud was a man of God first.

If you are in need of an extraction of honey bees, Bud would want us to recommend anyone from the Appalachian Beekeepers Association.