"Where the clover meets the clouds"

About Bud Champlin - Master Beekeeper - Certified by UGA/Young Harris College

I had my first experience in beekeeping many years ago when stationed at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C.   I met an elderly gentleman through a church off base who needed help getting started in beekeeping.  I ordered the bees and equipment through Sears Roebuck.  I assembled the hives and installed the bees.  It didn’t take long to realize that I was keeping the bees and my elderly friend just wanted to watch.

Soon thereafter, I received orders to relocate,  and with my pregnant wife, infant daughter (now, a beekeeper herself), and our dog, I brought along the bees.  We headed to sunny, south Florida, where I struggled for two years as a novice beekeeper.

Twenty-five years later, after moving to Georgia, I took a practical beekeeping course and began to develop a real passion for the honey bee.  I have since enjoyed progressing through the certification process offered through the Georgia Master Beekeeper Program at Young Harris College.  I ’m proud to say that I’ve come a long way since I first got started!

I purposely kept the number of my hives low (approximately 15) because I liked to keep the workload manageable and thus, enjoyable.

I was a member of several beekeeping clubs, including a founding member of the Appalachian Beekeepers of Georgia.  I enjoyed giving informal presentations to schools, garden clubs, and seniors’ centers.  I sold my hive products at Jasper's farmers market.  I retrieved swarms for free and have a sideline business removing bee colonies from structures.

Classes and Presentations:

  • Informal beekeeping classes
  • Classroom presentations
  • Swarm retrievals
  • Bee colony removals

Bud's Mountain Honey & Bee Removal