Bud's Mountain Honey & Bee Removal was dedicated to preserving and growing the honey bee population in Georgia.   Since the awareness of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) in 2006, where the individual bee was leaving the colony never to return.   Bud and the bee community have made bee survival their priority.  Scientists believe it is a combination of factors (a syndrome) that is threatening the bee's survival.

Among some of these factors being inadequate food sources, already existing viruses & bacterium, invasive parasitic mites, pesticides, herbicides, etc. that target the bee's immune system.

Bud made every effort to relocate 'your bees' and preserve one of God's most amazing creations.

Old Haitian quote "when bees move into your home, you are blessed"


We had many different kinds of honey products.  From bears, candles, 2 ounce to 32 ounce jars, and more!

Bud had been removing bee hives, wasps, and other infestations from homes and commercial properties in Jasper and surrounding area for many years.

Bud enjoyed giving informal presentations/lectures to schools, churches, senior centers, etc.


do you need honey or need bees removed? let us help.

We had a solution for all your honey and bee removal needs

Bud's booth

bee removal


More Than just selling honey

Classes / presentations

Bud at work with his bees 
"Where the clover meets the clouds"

Bud and his wife Vickie were usually found at their booth in many of the local venues.

Bud's Mountain Honey & Bee Removal